Monday, June 28, 2010

The Web 2.0 vs. Traditional Learner

This morning I came across this amusing, short video that highlighted one of many advantages that digital learners have over their traditional counterparts:

This video serves as a great catalyst, in my opinion, to begin listing all of many benefits students receive when immersed in learning environments that combine solid pedagogical techniques with web 2.0/digital resources.  Please consider sharing your thoughts on this topic in an effort to create a powerful list of advantages that can be shared in schools that have yet to embrace this philosophy.  We have the power to help initiate change where it is desperately needed!


  1. I think it is important that digital learners be able to choose their tools. The implies that institutions will accept submissions in multiple formats and not require submissions in vendor specific formats.

  2. I believe that we need to seriously look at how we assess the work students hand in. Too many tasks still have some outcomes linked to 'presentation', whereas we will have to look at what exactly kids needed to demonstrate to reach a specific outcome. When tasks are handed in via different formats e.g. movie, photo story, power point, soundcast, online poster, hard copy essay, hard copy poster, cartoon etc. we cannot have the stereotype 'rubric' for the olden day poster...we need to include the content and the content alone in our assessments, and perhaps rate how suitable the format of presentation was to make the content clearer for the audience.

  3. I agree that is important for students to have choices for the type of tools they use to demonstrate their learning. We need to remember that these web 2.0 tools and digital resources are TOOLS to help our students learn, and not every student will be successful with every tool.

  4. They are just tools and as Chris Lehmann says, the technology can't be viewed as a show (the big deal). Technology needs to be like Oxygen. Ubiquitous, necessary and invisible:
    Our students don't think twice about texting friends questions, finding answers online. We don't work in closets closed off to the world. Knowledge is a click away.
    Mark Carls

  5. I loved the play on the PC vs Mac advert, it was a fun video, thank you. I think we should engage students with the tools and skills they will need for their future. Although I am not even sure what that is, but it will be without a doubt, digital.

  6. I like the functional/organizational aspect of the traditional learner losing his work in his mess of a backpack, while the digital learner accessed his work immediately. Many students with 504s/IEPs have serious problems with organization. Once they complete an assignment, or have it returned (usually a worksheet!) it gets thrown in their backpack. Electronic tasks will surely be saved, and if they forget where, they can search for it in any number of ways. With all the discussion of the impact of digital learning on engagement, understanding and the like, I never thought of the concrete organizational benefits. Thanks!

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