Monday, June 14, 2010

Priceless Moments

Early this morning I was greeted by a 12th grade student who wanted to give me a gift.  She asked that I not open it until she had left and I reluctantly obliged.  A few minutes later I unwrapped the gift to reveal a picture frame that was hand-decorated by the student.  In the frame was a photo taken of the both of us at the senior prom that occurred a little over a week ago.  This was an extremely thoughtful gesture on behalf of this particular student, but even more meaningful was the card attached and the words written in it:

Mr. Sheninger,

     Thank you for always being there to help make these past four years memorable.  You've done a great things for the school!  Thanks for being a great Principal!

The field of education can at times be a thankless profession.  Like most educators, I did not venture into this field for a paycheck or glory, but instead to make a positive and lasting impact on students.  By doing so I would be putting them in a position to be successful in their future endeavors.  The greatest gift I could possibly receive from any student is knowing that the hard work by so many is paying off.
At New Milford High School the vision has been established where learning should be student-centered, engaging, and relevant.  Students are also empowered to become active participants in the decision-making process and take lead roles in changing the culture of the school on academic and social issues.  The end result is one of many priceless moments like the one listed above that I will remember forever.  This is why the profession of education is the noblest of all as the most significant reward does not involve money or material items, but rather the assurance that WE have the incredible opportunity each and every day to make a positive difference in the life of a child.  Moments like this should be savored by all educators because they provide a constant reminder of how invaluable our profession is.  I am truly appreciative of my entire staff and all of the other educators from all over the world working tirelessly to accomplish this lofty task bestowed upon us.  THANK YOU!


  1. Eric - There is nothing better than getting a heartfelt thanks from a student. Thanks for sharing this with everyone and reminding us why we are in the business of education.

    Thanks to you and the staff at NMHS for making a difference in the lives of your students and helping them find their passion! Your positive energy is contagious.

  2. Yep. It's graduation day today. I've got a yearbook full of comments that have told me that what we have done at SLA has mattered. Those are the words that I will come back to time and time again on the hard days.


  3. It's soooo incredibly encouraging when we get a note of thanks from a heart with an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for sharing with us.