Monday, June 7, 2010

Exemplary Practices in 21st Century Learning

This past Saturday I happened to stumble upon a conversation on Twitter between Tom Whitby, George Couros, and Nancy Blair where they were discussing 21st Century Learning.  What fascinated me about this discussion was the fact that they came up with this idea to create a wiki where educators from all over the world could share examples of student innovation.  What better way to help educators initiate change than to provide working models of 21st Century learning environments and activities.  Currently the categories on this wiki include blogs, student leadership, technology integration, portfolios, learning through teaching, social networking, and authentic learning.
I encourage all teachers and administrators to add to this wiki that George Couros created.  The larger the library of exemplary practices, the more powerful this resource will be for everyone!  I have proudly added examples from New Milford High School. Now it's your turn! For more resources check out the following:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills
The 21st Century Learning Initiative
21st Century Schools

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