Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Meaning of Valentine's Day

I know I have said this before, but I really love my job.  I love my job mainly because of the students and staff that I am blessed to work side by side with each day at New Milford High School.  This morning Doreen Zacher, my Student Assistance Counselor (S.A.C.) demanded that I stop what I was doing to listen to an example of how great our students are. Her story moved me so much that I demanded in turn that she write it up for me so that I could share this wonderful example of character embodied by our students.  In education we work so hard to teach our students important life lessons that focus on the respect and caring for others.  Based on the summary below it looks like our commitment to creating and supporting such a culture is paying off. I hope you all enjoy this guest post by Doreen as much as I did.

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It seems in our society that Valentine’s Day has turned into a manufactured holiday.  If one does not receive roses, a present or a card they may think they are not loved.  Today, I was able to experience the true meaning of unconditional love by strangers. A young middle school student was very upset because she felt as if none of her friends would recognize her and offer her a Valentine’s card.  Her emotions were so intense that her tears ran freely from her eyes.  When I received notification of this, I realized the true meaning of Valentines Day.  I purchased a card and asked high school students to sign it for the young girl who felt alone today.  Within minutes I had multiple signatures and well wishes on this card.  Even though they were strangers to this young girl, they felt a connection.  Everyone, one time in their life has felt alone. Before I knew it, the New Milford High School students made a care package for her full of cookies, candy and snacks.  They went the extra mile just to offer their support to this young girl that they never met or even knew.

When the package was dropped off at her school,  she read the card and saw all of the goodies, her face lit up like a Christmas Tree.  She felt the support and love from strangers, but from this day forward the high school students will be her support.  As a result of this experience, I have learned the  true meaning of Valentine’s Day, treat others with the love and respect and you can change the life of a stranger. 

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