Sunday, February 17, 2013

Students Discover Tackk For Creating Online Reports

It's no secret that educators are always on the lookout for cool new methods to help engage their students and save time.  A new trend has emerged as teachers have discovered fun and creative ways to incorporate free online tools to accomplish both of those goals, and the value of such assignments is only becoming more apparent.  Recently, a new service has grown in popularity in schools, which gives students the ability to quickly and easily create posts very similar to blogs, but without any of the complexity or fuss of specialized training.  It's called Tackk, and both students and teachers are loving it.

With Tackk, students can produce slick, professional looking reports on any subject in literally a matter of minutes, allowing them to focus on learning the content rather than worrying about the form in which it's presented.  Without having to create an account, students have access to easy, professional-quality text, image, and video integration, which makes for a much richer online experience than was previously possible with this little headache.

Teachers have used Tackk to both supplement, and in some cases replace, more traditional projects like posters and folders.  In addition to being quick, user-friendly, and elegant, it can also serve as a valuable introduction to web-based publishing for students of all ages.  Some teachers have assigned projects on musicians, others on states, and others still on career aspirations.  

How would you use Tackk in your classroom?

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  1. This is a great tool to use in the classroom. I hope to use this when I become a professional!