Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More iPad Apps

In my last post I wrote about some iPad apps that I thought were must adds for administrators and educators alike.  Since then I have received some great suggestions from my PLN and had the chance to check out other apps that I have found a use for as a High School Principal.  The key for me is that I want this device to be a valuable tool in collecting data, staying in touch with my administrative team, unrestricted real-time access to my PLN, and as a form of motivation for my teachers to take more risks with technology to engage students in the learning process.  Here are my additions:

15.  Skype: Make FREE calls to everyone in your contact list.
16.  textPlus: FREE, unlimited SMS via regular text, app-to-app,
       1-to-1, or in groups.
17.  Documents to Go: Edit/create/view MS Word and Excel
       files as well as view PDF, PowerPoint and iWork files. 
       Syncs with Dropbox!
18.  GoodReader: Read PDF and TXT files; syncs w/ DropBox and
       Google Docs.
19.  Free Translator:  Translates over 18 languages.
20.  Simplepedia: A simple Wikipedia reader.
21.  Groupboard: Turns your iPad into a collaborative
22.  Pcalc Lite: Fully functional scientific calculator.

I am currently looking into Classroom Walkthrough apps by Teachscape and Austin Sky.  If you have used any of these or other apps from another company please let me know.  In the meantime I plan on using the forms feature in Google Docs to collect and analyze walkthrough data with my administrative team.  After sharing my excitment about the iPad with a social studies teacher today we decided to purchase two of these for the department in lieu of a laptop. There are so many cool educational history apps out there!

One other quick suggestion.  Many iPad apps allow users to draw and write freehand notes.  This is a really cool feature, but if you are cumbersome like me and have sloppy handwriting this could become quite frustrating.  Thus I have purchased and highly recommend an iPad compatible stylus such as the Particle Case and Pogo Sketch. As always, I can ony learn and grow with your feedback!


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  3. @jneman

    I would suggest Soundpaper and Instapaper. Soundpaper allows you to take notes and record voice at the same time. Tap on a word and will take you to that part of the recording for playback.

    Instapaper - lets you save web pages for later offline reading

  4. I have used MxWeb through the internet and was thrilled when they added an app for our itouches. It is called mxMobile as an app. It's a free app, but I believe your district or state pays a fee for the program. One of the best features is the analysis of the data done by the program in terms of graphs and charts. These can be made on individual teachers or for the entire building. It also has the capability of sending an email to the teacher with your comments. I did over 150 of these last year with ease.

  5. Have you checked out Frog Dissection iPad app and Rat Dissection iPad app from Punflay?

  6. Please check out our 'iPad Resources for District Administrators' at http://www.mhric.org/ipad/ and thanks!

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