Friday, January 21, 2011


The past two weeks at NMHS have been extremely exciting.  Students and staff have engaged in many innovative activities that have showcased what the school has to offer, illustrated the potential of our learners, and made it clear that all voices matter in order to change the educational culture.  Here is a quick snapshot:
  • Elective course in Holocaust/Genocide Studies Skypes with a Holocaust survivor, who's diary is featured in a book, entitled “Savaged Pages”.  Read press coverage on the event HERE.
  • ELL teacher provided a workshop on meeting the needs of ELL learners to our Tomorrow’s Teachers class.  This class is for NMHS students that wish to pursue a career in education.
  • Much anticipated launch of the Holocaust Education website detailing the authentic learning experiences our students are engaged in at NMHS and abroad.
  • Members of student government Skype with their counterparts at a high school in Ohio and engage in a powerful conversation on increasing rigor/accountability in school and improving learning environments.  You can read more about this experience HERE.
  • Members of the Choral Ensemble promote our budding partnership with the Bergen Performing Arts Center by developing an incredible performance in “Glee” fashion.  The students worked tirelessly outside of school and performed on the stage of the Bergen PAC for Good Day NY (see their performance).  Even after their music went off unexpectedly they continued to sing A cappella! Read press coverage HERE.
  • The Student Council created a moving presentation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and presented it to the entire school delivering a powerful message of service, leadership, compassion, and tolerance.
I am so proud to be the Principal at New Milford High School.  My students, staff, and colleagues continually inspire and motivate me each day to learn and grow.  Learning opportunities like those mentioned above are becoming more numerous as the year progresses.  The 21st Century vision that I have for education is being embraced more and more each day and beginning to take hold.  Not only is my school on the move, but the New Milford District is as well. I am proud, and extremely fortunate, to work in a District that is supportive of our efforts to be innovative, take risks, and provide learners with authentic experiences that will prepare them for a world that is constantly involving.  On a personal level I can't thank my Superintendent and BOE enough for allowing me the freedom and providing the support to do what I do.  To see first hand the direction that my District is moving in please check out this newsletter from Michael Polizzi, my superintendent (he is even modeling the use of Web 2.0!).  

Does the environment in which you work instill a sense of pride?  If so please consider sharing your thoughts and stories.

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  1. Eric,

    We must have been on the same wavelength with this one. I just wrote about some inspiring work that was done at my school this past week that I found great pride in. Check it out: