Monday, March 13, 2023

#EDvice: The Power of Stories

Everyone loves a great story. We spend countless hours visualizing how they unfold when reading and watching them come to life through our device of choice.  It comes as no surprise that civilizations across the globe have been curating and sharing them since the beginning of time. From cave paintings, stone carvings, and ancient papyrus paper, the most significant stories of our past have been preserved. In the modern era, the invention of the printing press and advances in technology have proliferated storytelling and allowed virtually everyone to evolve into a storyteller role if they so choose. 

While the means to share has changed, the overall impact has not. The power of well-told stories is undeniable and can transcend time. They CONNECT, INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and UNITE us often when it is most needed. We need stories, as do those who we serve, especially students. In this piece of #EDvice I dive into the various research-based components that great storytellers leverage, whether they know it or not. 

In both Digital Leadership and BrandED I dive into the intricacies to unleash the power of stories.  While research paves the way and shows us how to elicit emotion to engage others, there are also many other critical elements to be aware of when developing a narrative.  Below are two images that provide additional context.

My call to action to all educators is to become the storyteller-in-chief.  This is not a relatively hard thing to do. Social media allows us to take sole control of our public relations and tell our classroom, district, and school stories consistently, accurately, and transparently. Educators are making a difference every day and these success stories resonate with local, national, and even international stakeholders.  Telling stories of student successes and staff accomplishments help to combat and drown out the negative rhetoric that has become rampant in the education profession. 

Your work and that of your students is downright amazing. Be proud and share. 

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