Monday, May 11, 2015

Turn Students from Passive Listeners into Engaged Learners with imakiku

The following is a sponsored blog post by imakiku.

Student engagement that leads to actual learning is the goal of any pedagogically sound lesson.  With that in mind have you ever pondered the following questions?

  • What do the students think while in class?
  • What are students interested in now?
  • How do I know if they are actually learning?

These questions are a major concern for many teachers, as they want to know what the students think while in class. Advances in web-based technologies now offer teachers the ability to answer these questions in a more holistic manner. Today I introduce a new web browser based tool called imakiku, which is sure to enhance formative assessment in your classroom.

Imakiku enables real-time voting, posting, and survey capabilities through the use of smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  It is specifically optimized for these mobile devices. Simple, intuitive interfaces make everything easy for both teachers and students alike - from creating and asking questions, making comments, designing and completing surveys. You do not need extra devices. There is no software to download and registration is not necessary. Your students simply log in using the participation code that is provided.

The teacher goes to and prepares the questions.

Students go to; login and participate.

It’s that simple!

For Teacher:

Here are some more detailed instructions for the teacher:

  1. Before the class go to to create questions and topics for the students to respond to during the lesson.
  2. As the class begins, ask the students to use the participation code to log in to via their devices.
  3. During the class the student responses will appear as bold informational graphics in real-time.
For Students :

Instructions for the students are as follows:
  1. As the class begins students login and participate during the class using their devices. 
  2. During the class students answer the questions with “one click”. They can also submit comments and questions during the class, which the class can see and “vote” on.
You can access a free trial until 12/31/2015 for general use.  For readers of A Principal's Reflections the trial is free until 3/31/2016 by using a special code. Visit imakiku, click on the orange sign up button, copy and paste this code in the promotion box: 20150505_ZVMQODFJSA

After you give imakiku a try, please send your comments/feedback to They will then better develop imakiku to reflect your feedback. 

Once you grasp what your students think in real time, you can begin to develop even better lessons and learning activities based on their feedback.  Students will feel more respected when afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in real-time, thus increasing their active engagement.  It will enable your class to keep concentration and motivation high. Above all, your students are more likely to enjoy taking your class.

Give imakiku a try and turn your students from passive listeners into engaged learners.

Visit imakiku’s website to learn more!

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