Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Global Connections Made Possible Through Technology

Mrs. Collentine’s Global Perspectives in Literature had a different spin on their research paper this year. In previous years, students had selected a charity to research and then, where possible, were to work for that charity in some capacity as part of the research paper experience. This year, students were to select a charity from a different part of the world—namely the country that is their own heritage and background. 

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After they selected their charities and then began their research, students were having amazing “real world” experiences. Senior Raechel Sontag actually set up an interview with the CEO of the charity she selected in Scotland and held it via Skype! Senior Leah Subrizi emailed her charity, located in Italy, back and forth and corresponded completely in Italian! Senior Christopher Learn was so touched by his charity and their work—done in Germany—that he actually donated to the cause and plans on attending a conference the organization is holding when they come to New York City! Research papers are more than a paper this year in Global Perspectives Honors!

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  1. This is terrific. My third graders and I place Skype calls with people all over the world as we study culture and geography. The next step is to incorporate charity!