Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apps and Social Media in the Classroom

It is springtime at New Milford High School and new ideas are flourishing.  Teachers are consistently empowered and given the autonomy to take calculated risks without the fear of failure to enhance the teaching and learning process.  The end result is that our students benefit from lessons that combine sound pedagogy with the effective integration of technology. Below are two highlights from the month of April.

In support of the school’s BYOD initiative, Mrs. Chellani has recently discovered and integrated a new app called Socrative, a free, online polling tool.  This app allows students to respond to questions the teacher asks in class via their smart phone, providing an alternate means for students to participate in class.  The results are displayed on the SMART Board through the Socrative website to facilitate discussion.  Additionally, this app serves as another way for Mrs. Chellani to formally assess her students in a differentiated and technologically advanced fashion. 

Students in Mr. Devereaux's AP Biology class are creating social media accounts for the immune system.  Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr, the students need to narrate a day in the life of the immune system.  They have been finding creating ways of using hash tags, mentions, pictures, videos, and various other ways to infuse their projects with relevant, accurate, and interactive content illustrating how the immune system works.  Check out Mr. Devereaux's website by the end of the week to see some student examples.


  1. Love the idea of a social media account for the immune system! Will definitely check back to see some of those.

  2. Love polling with phones & the smart board. That's one of the best technology-in-the-classroom ideas I've heard of.

  3. Check out http://www.participoll.com which also uses smartphones for voting but puts results straight into PowerPoint