Friday, December 28, 2012

The Ignite Show

Education needs more advocates.  Students, teachers, and administrators need more advocates.   The Bammy Awards is one such initiative that is attempting to shine a bright light on the many amazing people in the trenches that are doing great things in the field of education.  Thankfully there are others who are beginning to step up as well.  I recently met Anne Ostholthoff at the inaugural Bammy Awards and have seen first-hand the work she is doing to launch the web based The Ignite Show.  Be sure to check out all the highlights and interviews from the Bammy Awards by clicking HERE.

Anne's interest is to raise the level of public awareness and respect of education, and to engage the voices of teachers and students as part of determining the content they feature. She has asked for our help and I hope that you will do the following to assure we are involved in the kick-start of this worthwhile effort.  Just go to the Ignite Show Website to take a look and then click to help contribute thinking to their efforts.  Let’s help The Ignite Show become a resource that brings awareness to our work and the topics that matter most to you!

Thanks in advance for your help. We all want to move our profession forward, and I believe this effort is working hard to do positive things for us all.

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