Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter: A Tool For All

For those of you who regularly read my blog you know how passionate I am about Twitter and its positive impact on my professional practice as a school leader.  I am constantly advocating for other school leaders and educators to embrace this powerful tool to improve communications, enhance public relations, establish a positive brand presence, grow professionally through the formation of a Personal Learning Network (PLN), increase student engagement, and discover a world of opportunity. Currently I manage two separate Twitter accounts (@NMHS_Principal and @NewMilfordHS) to meet the objectives stated above.

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My message is plain and simple - Twitter should be a tool utilized by all educators.  I recently did a webinar for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 in Pennsylvania.  Check out the archive HERE and learn how you can easily and freely harness the power of Twitter.  Below is a brief description of the webinar:

Whether you are a teacher, administrator or classroom assistant, Twitter is an excellent resource to connect with other educators, follow experts in a particular field, share and exchange ideas, and learn from others at your own pace.  Join us for an exciting session about Twitter and its impact on education.   

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