Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Worthy Widget

Dell has been identifying new ways to support the education community on the web. One of their developments is a Wordpress plugin called Education Connect that will help connect education blogs to each other. With the help of some of the top education blogs in the industry they have come up with a great tool to link bloggers to each other.

Let me first explain how it works. Education Connect is a widget/plugin that helps connect education blogs around the World. The widget is a content aggregator that takes articles from the highest quality EDU blogs and presents the titles within the widget. The widget has a special crawler that goes to a pre-set list of education blogs that are selected based on content quality. It then takes the title of the latest articles written by that blog and populates the widget sitting on the installer’s website. Articles within the widget are then ranked based on a variety of social media factors to present only the best, freshest articles.

  • Special crawler goes to a pre-set list of education blogs that are selected based on content quality.
  • Crawler takes the article titles back to the widget installer’s webpage.
  • Drops the article titles in the widget or installer’s web browsers to discover new educational material.
  • Create an educational community that is connecting and innovating the EDU World.
  • Ability to select which blogs you want to pull articles from.
The goal of the EDU connect widget is to help users and publishers discover new content and better connect with the EDU community. With the widget you can discover articles about educational technology, education news, education lessons, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Help connect the EDU World and install this Wordpress plugin. Visit any of the following links to get started.

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