Saturday, December 17, 2011

Appreciation for Change

I often talk about change whether it be through this blog or during presentations to various education groups.  It is hard work to change cultures, systems, and perceptions that have been firmly entrenched for a long time.  The transformation taking place at New Milford High School to create a 21st Century culture of teaching an learning would fit this bill.  This is why I was so pleased to learn about what two of my dynamic history teachers were doing in their classes.  
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For a recent assignment, students in Ms. Perna and Ms. Millan’s American History II classes were asked to conduct interviews with people that they believe to be modern day “progressives”, or reformers.  Many students chose to interview teachers, administrators and staff from within the high school building.  This interview assignment gave students the chance to partake in conducting an interview and they were able to learn about modern day progressives and reformers within their school and community.  

Upon conducting their interviews, students shared them in class, which led to a rich discussion of all the great things going on both within the school and the larger community.  The discussion proved to students that there are many people working to try to change things for the better.  Students were inspired by the great stories and work of these individuals, and hopefully they are now motivated to become activists for change in something they are passionate about! 

A fantastic lesson in my eyes!

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