Sunday, October 9, 2011

Simple Idea, Huge Impact

Recently we have been brainstorming ways to motivate students to begin thinking about college at an earlier stage while in school and believing that it is an attainable goal for everyone.  One idea suggested by my two new guidance counselors (Michelle Harle and Rebecca Chabrow) was to host an event during the school day that would help us achieve the goal stated above.  After intense planning NMHS held its first annual college mini-fair on Thursday, September 15, 2011.  The not so mini, mini-fair took place in our main gym with more than 70 colleges from across the country attending.

Colleges from as far south as Florida and as far north as the Canadian border were here. College representatives set up tables full of information about their schools, academic disciplines, tuition, popular programs, clubs, location, and much more.  All students in the school had the opportunity to visit with college reps, fill out response cards and some students even applied to schools on the spot.  This was made possible as we scheduled the event during our three 48 minute lunch periods.  Students either went before or after they quickly ate their food and thoroughly took advantage of the experience.  The event was a huge success in creating awareness about different types of universities, majors and minors, and reinforcing the fact that there is a college for everyone.  

Planning for an event of this size started in late spring and continued on through the summer.  Feedback from the reps was overwhelmingly positive, and we expect our 2nd annual mini-fair to be even bigger.   This is just one small, yet important step in helping out students actively pursue greater learning opportunities that college provide if this is what they aspire towards.  Thanks to the Guidance Department for organizing and hosting the event.


  1. How did you get so many colleges to come???

  2. That is so exciting that you collaborated with School Counselors to help create college awareness!

  3. We have been doing this in Boston for several years now and we find it highly successful as well. We also have other even smaller cultural and curricular things we do. We, @BCCStoCollege, are happy to share what we doing around developing a collegiate culture or send me @dgburris a message! Good luck with your endavours.

  4. Eric we do a similar event at our school. Our counselors go through their association to schedule the event. We give them the date and they schedule all the universities to attend and they provide that service free of charge.